6 things you should do immediately when SHTF and its ride or die

With each passing day, it seems as though we’re creeping closer and closer to the end of the world. The average American likely isn’t prepared for the worst, but all of us should be as we never know for certain what may be coming our way. With that in mind, here are six steps you should take to survive a collapse of society.

1.) Gather information on the situation

To successfully survive an apocalyptic scenario, it’s absolutely necessary to know exactly what you’re up against. An airborne virus provides a completely different set of problems than a terrorist invasion. Knowing what you’re up against could be difference between survival and certain demise.

2.) Pack your bags and gather supplies

As soon as the collapse of society begins, you should immediately begin gathering up all of the essentials that you’ll need and packing your bags. Danger could arrive extremely quickly and the last thing you’ll want to be be doing in life or death situations is shoving cans of food into a backpack.

3.) Set up emergency communication plans

Having a team is generally a good idea in situations that follow a collapse of society. As a result, it’s important to have plans in place to communicate and reconvene with them should the uncertainty of SHTF situations force you to split up. Since it’s not only possible but extremely likely that cell phones won’t be a viable options — using ham radios and establishing meet-up points is the smartest choice.

4.) Move to your primary location

If you’re already at your preferred location whenever the collapse begins, then you can skip this step. If not, you’ll need to quickly travel to wherever you’re planning on going. Avoiding highways is extremely smart as they’re destined to be a bloodbath during this time. Keep on the back roads.

5.) Secure the location

Once you reach your desire location, immediately secure it. Scout the outside of the area for any potential dangerous and then secure the interior. Whether you’re trying to withstand nature or humans will determine exactly how you need to lock up your location.

6.) Prepare for you next move

You never know when your ideal location will be compromised to the point where you have to abandon it. It’s vital to have a plan in place for where your team will go if and when that happens. No matter how safe you think you are, there’s always the possibility that you’ll have to leave. Know where you’re heading when the time comes.





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