Hot mic catches proof that Bernie Sanders was never met to be a “real candidate”

Divide and conquer is an ancient strategy, but that doesn’t mean that it’s too old to work. And when it comes to the rift — which many may call an impossibly devastating divide — between the Democratic National Committee (DNC), Bernie Sander’s supporters and their Bilderberg-annointed heir apparent, Hillary Rodham Clinton, we’re seeing it play out on a grand master stage in real time. Seems liars, cheaters and megalomaniacs just can’t stop themselves from ruling the airwaves and the world.

Once Bill got on that plane in the blistering heat of that fateful Phoenix day to speak to Loretta Lynch, Obama’s head of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), most seasoned observers of our current political circus knew the fix was in for ole Hillary. Even though James Comey made it clear that Hillary lied, the F.B.I. would just toss it off as a memory lapse of carelessness. Hey, anybody can make a mistake. But the F.B.I. made not even a smidgen of information about money laundering or bought favors in the Clinton Foundation, did they? Don’t look at the man behind the curtain.

But there were still millions who had been awakened in their heart and inspired to take to the streets in support of the long time fighter for social justice, the independent Senator from  Vermont, Bernie Sanders. The fight wasn’t over yet, and the scuttlebutt was that primary fights in a number of states seemed to be askew. The skull doggery was so obvious that ‘ole Bernie opted to sue eleven states over shaky procedural primary matters, where the votes were rigged for HRC. But the proactive approach to sue those same states gave Bernie’s  flock hope that their candidate wasn’t going to give up the fight.

And then it was discovered that the leader of the DNC, that intrepid Hillary supporter from Florida, Congressman Debbie Wasserman Schlutz, had been biased all along. The leader of the Democratic party, supposedly the bastion of fairness and equality had the fix in for her buddy Hillary from the beginning. Why should anyone be surprised, including Bernie himself?

Seems he wasn’t. And there’s video proof that Aaron and Melissa Dykes put together, featured on This presentation makes it clear there is no free choice in the Democratic party and Bernie knew it, probably from the very beginning of his campaign to “quell the masses.” I guess you could call his entire campaign as a “divide and then bring the wayward flock back in so you can conquer them” strategy. It takes a little longer but then, they like all good socialists who want to be fascists, believe that the ends justify the means. The Last Great Stand has this to say about Bernie Sanders:

” [H]is supporters actually believed Bernie was a ‘different’ kind of politician . . . WRONG!”

Unfortunately, this information won’t change the fact that  we are still left with Hillary Clinton running for president. Time to buckle up and get ready for the end, folks.





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