THE WAY I SEE IT: Decades of manipulation and deceit

The “Black Lives Matter” movement is proof of how ill-informed, gullible and duped people are so easily manipulated into believing in a fictional narrative just to benefit a few elite who are promoting it.

(Article by Thomas Neviaser)

Many people in the media’s photos are surrogate pawns for the elite blacks and greedy whites who benefit from their antics. They are unwittingly being used to promote a war on law enforcement individuals who are the only people who risk their lives for them everyday.

Do you see the Sharptons, Farrakhans, Jacksons or any other black pundits out there, in the streets, hand in hand daily enraging them?

No, they just use paid individuals to encourage them with false information and rhetoric—often to the point of pushing them to violence in order to create chaos. The more chaos they can develop while on the sidelines, the better it is for these “elite” as they are reimbursed by the people who want this chaos to become a crisis, or better yet, crises.

Why would anyone want to have blacks attacking and killing white police officers? Only those who can gain by their actions. And who are they and why? If you have to ask that question, you have very little information.

The Democratic National Committee has supported it. The DNC needs to keep its black base, a base that it has had for decades. More than 80 percent to 90 percent of the blacks vote for the Democrats.

The DNC has fooled the black community for decades, promising things only at election time and never delivering.

The Democrat party is the party of slavery (until Republicans outlawed it), the Klu Klux Klan and the segregation movements in the 60s. The Democrats voted against the Civil Rights Act and it was only passed because the Republicans did it.

So how did it become the party of the black community?

By lying to and deceiving people through continued blatantly false statements drummed into American black citizens by the likes of Sharpton, Jackson, Farrakhan, the Black Panthers, the liberal media and the white Democrat establishment.

The black community, and now the Hispanic community, has been wooed by the Democrats for ages by these means. They have taken advantage of their financial conditions, their poverty and their lack of knowledge of the system.

Lies are the mainstay of the Democratic Party. It has nothing solid, substantial or honest to offer. Therefore, its members absolutely must lie and tell their lies as often as possible to get people who do not follow politics to absorb their lies until they accept them as gospel.

Then as time marches on, those people tell their children and their children tell their children until you have generations telling the next generation how terrible the Republicans are, how bigoted they are, how evil they are, how they want dirty air and water, how they hate blacks and women, etc.

All of this, of course, is outright lies, painting their opposition as reprehensible.

But one thing is missing, and that one thing is so obvious that their base could see it if it weren’t for the generations of indoctrinated people. That thing is education. Educating themselves and others around as to what is happening as a result of Democrat policies.

Look at what this Democrat administration has done: weakened the military, increased unemployment—especially in the black communities—increased the numbers of citizens on welfare hoping to get those in the system to continually vote for Democrats, allowing mass immigration of illegals and other foreigners who do not assimilate, decreased health care and access to care, and belching out billions of dollars to our enemies rather than funneling the money into educating people to obtain jobs, boost the economy, and offering opportunities for those who have lost hope through decades of failed Democrat policies.

It is time to reverse the equation and give conservatives a chance to prove they can truly help the black community to improve itself and prosper both intellectually and financially.

If not, the status quo will destroy America from within.

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