Why you should never buy Walmart or Costco shrimp

Even though 85% of the shrimp folks eat in America is imported, it is the most popular seafood in America. Unfortunately, overseas shrimp is mostly farmed in ponds that, according to AlterNet, “are treated with a long list of chemicals: urea, superphosphate, diesel, piscicides (fish-killing chemicals like chlorine and rotenone), pesticides, antibiotics (including some that are banned in the U.S.), sodium tripolyphosphate (a suspected neurotoxin), borax, and occasionally caustic soda.” But it gets even worse. The horrific conditions of Thailand’s slave labor market provides this food to a variety of retailers, including Costco and Walmart.

The Guardian reports, “The conditions inside were horrific: a woman who was eight months’ pregnant miscarried on the shed floor and was forced to keep peeling [shrimp] for four days while hemorrhaging. An unconscious toddler was refused medical care after falling 12 feet onto a concrete floor. Another pregnant woman escaped only to be tracked down, yanked into a car by her hair and handcuffed to a fellow worker at the factory.

“’Sometimes when we were working, the tears would run down our cheeks because it was so tiring we couldn’t bear it,’ said Moe Pyae Soe, 33, who was trapped inside with his wife. ‘We were crying, but we kept peeling shrimp. We couldn’t rest … I think people are guilty if they eat the shrimp that we peeled like slaves.’”

Natural News suggests, “Mix . . . toxic industry pollution, slave labor and Fukushima cesium-137 radiation . . .  how will you feel after you consume it? You should be avoiding all farm-raised shrimp and boycotting all imported wild shrimp from your grocery list and your restaurant choices.”

Even the Bible says to avoid all seafood unless it has fins and scales. Shrimp has neither.







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