Twitter Picks Censorship, Islam, BLM, Over Free Speech

Twitter has chosen Radical Islam over free speech once again. On the night of July 19, amidst the Republican National Convention, Twitter once again banned Milo Yiannopoulos. The reason, ostensibly, is that Milo incited some form of harassment directed at other users. Most of his followers know this to be incorrect. In a tweet and a YouTube video, Paul Joseph Watson details Twitter’s weak excuse as well as proving Milo’s alleged victim to be guilty of the same infraction Milo was purportedly suspended for.

(Article by Richard Manzo)


Twitter has shown animosity toward Milo in the past as well. This animosity originally started with removal of his verified status. As time progressed, they banned him twice more after the Orlando Muslim-anti-gay terrorist attack.

Milo, a gay conservative, expressed that the Western world, especially liberals, need to choose between Islam and gay rights. Islam as an ideology is mutually exclusive with the rights of both gays and women. In countries that practice Sharia law, the state executes gays for the crime of being homosexual. However, Twitter and the left seems to enjoy disregarding that fact. It has become clear that the left is not concerned so much with rights as they are with protecting themselves. Being anti-Milo gets a calm interview of him expressing his disagreement. Anti-Islamism will result in the culprit murdered.

This whole fiasco is due, no doubt, to the fact that a Saudi prince is pulling the strings behind the scene. Prince Alwaleed bin Talal has invested $300 million in Twitter. Freedom of speech, while not protected in the private sector, is something that America is based upon. It’s quite literally the first fundamental right in our constitution. Yet, Twitter’s Saudi overlord clearly thinks that freedom of speech only applies if one is on his side.

Even ISIS Twitter accounts are allowed to be maintained. Those accounts are used to plan attacks, to recruit, and to traffic weapons. These accounts are allowed to remain because Saudi Arabia and their royalty sympathize with terrorism and support it financially.

On the topic of Twitter terrorism, Black Lives Matter terrorists are also given free speech that gays who wander off the reservation are not afforded. BLM “activists” have called for the killing and lynching of (especially white) American law enforcement officers. They even went as far as to call for the death of Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke after his suggestion that Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization, when in fact, it is a terrorist organization. Oh, Sheriff Clarke is black, by the way. A Fox News poll actually found that 48% of Americans believe that BLM has worsened racial relations in the United States.

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