What kind of gun should you get to survive the collapse: Bolt Action or Semi-Auto?

The world is already in shambles and its inhabitants seem determined to destroy it completely. Whether it be by harming each other, harming the environment, or a combination of the two, there’s no denying that the damage done is considerable — and it’s only getting worse.

There’s no conspiracy about it, folks — we’re quickly approaching a legitimate apocalyptic event.

When that time comes, we’ll all need to be prepared to survive in the most unsure environment imaginable. Since none of us know exactly what survival during the end of the world will entail, being ready for anything is vital. In many potential events, the environment will remain inhabitable, which means that wildlife will survive. In those instances, hunting would be a valuable tool of survival.

So what kind of rifle would be more appropriate for an apocalyptic hunting scenario: the bolt action or the semi-automatic?

For the most part, it’s merely a matter of personal preference. Everyone has guns they enjoy and prefer for different reasons. The same reasons I love the AR-15 may be the exact reasons you don’t like it. It all comes down to the who, what, when, where and why. There are some things you should take into account, though.

The biggest advantage semi-automatic rifles have over their bolt action brothers is their firing speed. In most hunting situations however, rapid fire is unnecessary, if not completely inappropriate. As a result, many hunters prefer the sharp accuracy and smoothness that most bolt action rifles provide. Many gun advocates theorize that the two are extremely similar and that debates over which is better for hunting is mostly an aesthetic issue that stems from semi-automatic rifles looking more appropriate for combat and bolt action rifles looking more appropriate for hunting.

To be perfectly honest, having plenty of options available is preferable. Every gun has its pros and cons, so having the appropriate gun for all of the situations — whether they involve hunting, home protection, or self-defense — one will come across is of utmost importance. Considering the leftist government is violently trying to enact ridiculous gun control measures on law-abiding citizens, it’s a good idea to stock up on any and all firearms you may need when the time comes. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t own a semi-automatic and a bolt action.





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