US Marines denounce ‘crazy political correctness’ after order to remove the word ‘man’ from job titles

US Marines have been told the word “man” will be removed from their job titles in an effort to make the service more gender-neutral.

(Article by Nick Allen)

The move sparked a row with some Marines taking to social media to denounce “crazy and idiotic political correctness”.

A total of 19 of the 33 titles used in the Marines Corps will be renamed, the majority of those having the word “man” replaced by “Marine”.

So a “basic infantryman” will now become a “basic infantry Marine”, and an “amphibious assault vehicle crewman” will soon be called an “amphibious assault vehicle Marine”.

It follows a six-month review ordered by Ray Mabus, the US Naval Secretary, and an official announcement is expected this week.

The review was launched in January, a month after Ash Carter, the US Defence Secretary, announced all military roles, including in combat, would be open to women.

A small number of designations which  include the word “man” – such as “rifleman” and “mortarman” – will not be changed.

One official told the Marine Corps Times: “Names that were not changed, like rifleman, are steeped in Marine Corps history and ethos. Things that were changed needed to be updated.”

On social media Marines and former Marines called the move “pointless” and “idiotic”. One said: “We have reached peak crazy.”

Another called it a “direct reflection on society’s crybaby political correctness”.

A former Marine said: “I can’t help but feel this is less about equality and more about catering to the frail egos of the easily offended.”

When the review was launched Secretary Mabus said: “As we achieve full integration of the force this is an opportunity to update the position titles and descriptions themselves to demonstrate, through this language, that women are included.”

But Heather Heinzman, a female former Marine, said there was no need for the change.

She said: “I was a wireman…so now they’re just Wire Marines? Come on.”


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