Life, Liberty and Food Storage


I was asked to speak in Kalispell, MT on the importance of prepping in your community and the need for us to become active in our local area in the best way you can; whether that be political activism, starting or joining a local CPT Team, or becoming a volunteer first responder. I also spoke on our upcoming STOP Program (Student Taking Over Protection) and the need for us to re-examine how our children, who are growing up in the public school systems, have been indoctrinated into a belief system where fighting back, in any form, is not an option and the often tragic consequences that follow.

While I was there I took the opportunity to meet and interview Daniel Brigman, founder of Numanna Foods. We talked about the importance of food storage in the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. We also discussed his place in the liberty movement as both, a published author, and a businessman who’s company can support important groups like Oath Keepers and the III%, as Numanna did at the Bundy Ranch stand off.

We are also announcing a partnership with Numanna foods. So if you are in need of the highest quality, non GMO storable foods and would like to purchase it in a way that also directly supports Oath Keepers and what we are doing please click on the Food for Liberty banner on our webpage. We will soon also be launching a new site that will be more in-depth and offer more products and ways you can better prepare your families for what may be coming and help support the operations of the Oath Keepers at the same time.

Jason Van Tatenhove

[email protected]

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