Winter Prepping Series 1, with James Wesley, Rawles

Oath Keepers Winter Prepping Series 1.

Winter Prepping with James Wesley, Rawles


­­­­There is a change in the air, a crispness you can almost taste on a sharp inhale. Hunting season is upon us and it is time to start to get your household ready for winter. Whether you live in an apartment in the city, or a cabin up in the mountains this, for us all, is a time to reflect upon the winter’s coming storms, and begin to prepare for what may be coming.

This is the first of a multiple-part interview series on winter prepping. In this article and video, we talk with one of the founders of the “Prepping” Movement, James Wesley, Rawles. According to Wikipedia; James Wesley, Rawles (born 1960) is an American author, best known for his survivalist genre, “Patriots” novel series. Rawles is a former U.S. Army intelligence officer. He is the founder and Senior Editor of, which covers survival and preparedness topics, and has published collected material from this site in two books.[1] He also works as a survival retreat consultant.[1][2][3] Rawles is a Constitutionalist Christian libertarian.[4] I have had Jim on my Liberty Brothers Radio Show many times and I am an avid reader of his “Patriots” fiction series.

In addition, we discuss the importance of cleaning your woodstove’s chimney to avoid fires, the proper technique, and tools involved. We then move on to the idea that every prepared home should have not just a wood heat stove but also a wood cook stove. Jim reminds us that we need to learn how to cook on a wood stove before a SHTF scenario as there is a learning curve involved and we need to be competent with these skills before we are relying on them to feed our families during a crisis situation. We move on to talking about redundancy in winter heating, especially for those families that are living in an urban environment where they may not be able to install a wood stove. We discuss other options for winter heating including electric, propane, kerosene heaters, and some of the details of each that a new user may need to be aware of.

We then move the discussion to food storage and the effects the cold winter weather may have on dry goods such as beans, rice, and canned items as well. In this topic we also discuss how you can make a DIY root cellar with a dead chest freezer by burying it. I am including a link here to an article on how to make one of these great repurposed items for your family.

We then talk about fuel storage, the importance of having extra propane on hand, and having a wet leg on your main, larger tank. Jim goes into his practice of collecting smaller propane tank (cylinders) so that you can use them as a valuable barter item. We also talk about the amounts of kerosene Jim keeps on hand also to use for barter and also charity.

We finish off the cold weather prepping discussion with the importance of having a cold weather kit in our car to accommodate every member of their family and the other important items you should have with you in your vehicle at all times.


Jim then goes on to talk about the new release of James Jaeger’s “Midnight Ride” and his own heroes that are interviewed in the movie. Jim feels this is a critically important documentary that we should all see and help support. You can see a free preview of the movie here on, and even buy a copy as a gift for a friend.

From there we discuss the recent Paris attacks and the need for all citizens to be armed, trained tactically, and ready to respond to an attack here in our own communities.

We end this interview with a quick discussion of Jim’s upcoming new fiction book series. This 5 book series is not in the “Crunch” storyline that the “Patriots” series is in, but starts a new storyline that goes over the very real possibility of a global Islamic caliphate and how this would look in America. It starts off the “Land of Promise” that will be released December 1st! Check back here for my book review that I will be posting soon.

I hope you all enjoy this first installment of my winter prepping series here at The next installment will include Mike Adams of Natural News and we will be discussing prepping your body for the coming winter among other topics as well.


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