Welcome to Resist.News an introduction

Hello, I would like to introduce you to myself and my work. This is a new blog/news site that I have teamed up with Mike Adams, of Naturalnews.com, to bring you. Our site is Resist.news. Here I will post stories, videos, and blogs, that I create, and share other stories and news that I feel are interesting and important. It is my goal to publish here daily.

So who am I? My name is Jason Van Tatenhove and I am the National Media Director and an Associate Editor for the Oath Keepers Foundation. Most people have heard of the Oath Keepers, but many that are outside of the military, veteran, and law enforcement communities don’t know much about who or what we really are. What’s worse is that there are many of those out there who have only heard about us through the mainstream media’s demonization and constant accusations of racism, right wing extremism, as well as being labeled domestic terrorists. I am here to tell (and even show you,) that we are indeed none of those things. We really are just good citizens, like yourself, who are invested in actually getting out there and taking a stand with our friends, neighbors, and fellow Americans for America. We want to make sure that average Americans have the unalienable rights of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, protected, even if they are threatened by the very same government that was instituted to protect them in the first place.

I know that when I first decided to head down to Bundy Ranch, I was not going to sit back and let another Waco or Ruby Ridge happen on my watch. We had a great organic uprising of fellow patriots that led to our first real victory. We are still, to this day, continuing to fight the good fight. I, myself, have been to every operation that Oath Keepers has deployed except for Ferguson. I didn’t start out as an Oath Keeper. I started out as a member of the alternative media. I have had several talk radio shows and pod casts the most well known of which is The Liberty Brothers Radio Show, that I started with my fellow co-host Jim White of Red List News. When I deploy to an operation I generally don’t carry a long rifle and wear fatigues, as some of my fellow patriots do. I am the one with the camera and the laptop, wearing a black cowboy hat. I can do much more damage to the enemies of freedom with these tools than any others, and I rest assured that I am surrounded by some of the Jedi Knights of the Liberty Movement. I am also not, nor have I ever been, an active duty soldier or in law enforcement (that is outside of being deputized a couple of times while working with Oath Keepers.)

I encourage my readers to interact with me via comments on my stories and even email. While I am very busy most days, I do try and get back to everybody I possibly can.

I hope you find this new site both educational and inspiring. The reason that we find The Liberty Movement so vilified is because we are having successes and gaining traction. A lot of us are just waking up to the fact that our great country is going through some very radical changes and that it is no longer the land that we all grew up in. We need all the Americans we can can get to unite and strive to take our country back. It is my sincere wish that this site may inspire you to also take action, start a blog, or create a youtube account. Just find your voice.

We are all the resistance!

Jason Van Tatenhove


[email protected]

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