Rigged election: Soros has direct ties with UK company placing voting machines in 16 US states

A company based in the United Kingdom has provided voting machines for sixteen US states. Florida and Arizona, both key battlegrounds, are among those states that Smartmatic has provided machines to. Whats unsettling is that the company has direct ties to billionaire George Soros, who is beyond majorly involved with Hillary Clinton. Recent Wikileaks show just how intertwined the two of them are. Soros gave Clinton foreign policy directives and also coordinated on domestic policy with her. He also gave her tens of millions in campaign support for the presidency. There’s plenty of concern that the strings will be pulled to confirm fears of a dishonest election, with Soros being just one of Clinton’s very powerful aides to do just that.

It’s surely disconcerting for voters to know that voting machines in 16 different states are in the hands of the progressive globalist Soros, who heavily funded Clinton’s campaign. The balloting equipment company’s chairman, Mark Malloch-Brown, is a former UN official and board member of Soros’s Open Society Foundation. He was a part of the Soros Advisory Committee on Bosnia. Malloch-Brown is also a member of the executive committee for a company he co-founded in the 90’s and built with Soros’s money, the International Crisis Group.

To dig deeper into their relationship, In 2007, Soros appointed Malloch-Brown vice-president of his Quantum Funds, vice-chairman of Soros Fund Management, and vice-chairman of the Open Society Institute. Malloch-Brown has ties that acquaint Clinton too. He was partner at Sawyer-Miller, the consulting firm who employed close Clinton associate Mandy Grunwald. Malloch-Brown was also senior adviser to FTI consulting, whose senior managing director Jackson Dunn spent 15 years employed as aide to the Clintons.

Smartmatic does not have the best reputation for honesty. It may have participated in rigging a 2004 Venezuelan recall election. “The Venezuelan opposition is convinced that the Smartmatic machines robbed them of victory in the August 2004 referendum. Since then, there have been at least eight statistical analyses performed on the referendum results. One study obtained the data log from the CANTV network and supposedly proved that the Smartmatic machines were bi-directional and in fact showed irregularities in how they reported their results to the CNE central server during the referendum”

Why would the US allow Smartmatics, given their ownership status and reputation? We could have consistent equipment across all 50 states. Why are deceased people and illegal aliens voting? The only logical explanation for not revamping our voting system is that Washington wants to keep elections rig-able in order to achieve their desired outcome.