Washington proposes gun confiscation for crimes that haven’t happened – but ‘could happen?’

For years now, those on the left have acted like conservatives and libertarians were completely off the mark when we claimed to have seen evidence of them trying to ban and confiscate firearms. By painting many of us as delusional conspiracy theorists, they attempted to discredit anyone who saw through their weak attempts at appearing genuine. In the time that has followed, there has been so much evidence to the contrary that it’s shocking that the Regressive Left has continued to pretend that they’re not trying to ban firearms outright.

However, their latest attempt at getting guns out of the hands of law-abiding Americans is perhaps their most ridiculous to date, which is saying something considering just how insane they’ve been behaving for years now.

In Washington State, it may soon be legal for government officials to confiscate guns for crimes that haven’t happened, but could potentially happen in the future. Yes, thought crimes are soon to be a thing of reality for the law-abiding citizens in Washington. Just when you thought the powers that be couldn’t become any more fascistic they release this information which is sure to top the list of the completely idiotic decisions made in recent memory.

Initiative Measure 1491 states that “This act is designed to temporarily prevent individuals who are at high risk of harming themselves or others from accessing firearms by allowing family, household members, and police to obtain a court order when there is demonstrated evidence that the person poses a significant danger, including danger as a result of a dangerous mental health crisis or violent behavior.”

While that statement may make sense at face value, when you really consider the possibilities, it becomes ridiculous to the point of no return. For starters, this implies that law enforcement officials believe that they can predict crimes before they happen, which is equally humorous and infuriating. But more importantly, this could make things incredibly dangerous for people who protect themselves and their property with firearms.

If someone wanted to break into your home, but knew that it was protected by a gun, all they would have to do was convince the police to confiscate your weapon and then break in after the fact. That allows for all sorts of criminal activity to arise. This is an incredibly dangerous decision that the people of Washington should reject completely.

Initiative Measure 1491 cannot pass if America is going to continue being considered the Land of the Free.